Android Smart TV Box

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The Android smart tv box is compatible with LCD's and LED's. connect in just minutes to a LAN, Wi-Fi or 3G connection and you are set to go. No need to buy any additional device. Catch your shows and loved movies in high definition quality!

With the presentation of the Android TV box, your choices get to be boundless. Not only tv shows and movies, but a huge number of web applications can be downloaded right onto your TV set with our smart tv boxes. Connect with your friends on Twitter, Facebook and Skype, check your email, and even play games all from your tv set. Never knew TV could do such wonders, did you?

With the latest kodi tv addons, you certainly get to unlock a world of magic. Movies, fun, games, unlimited music, to keep you fully entertained throughout the day, throughout the year. Redefine the meaning of television. Your television is getting smarter, when will you? Book for a smart tv box.